Kenmare Mobile Home & Caravan Park

We apply 2 different costs to tenants :

1 - Fixed annual site lease cost of a site pending type of site.

2 - Utility costs, if applicable,  based on metered usage of water, electricity and/or gas. 

ISSUE & PAYMENT Procedure :

The annual license fee invoice is issued in April of the license year.   The utility meters are read generally once or twice a year and issued on the same basis. Payment terms are 30 days net.

PRICES @ 2012

Mobile home site

Caravan serviced site

Caravan un-serviced site

External winter storage

Utility cost

Winter drainage / Spring service check

Connection fee

 €  1,200.00 per year

€   1,050.00 per year

€      700.00 per year

€      180.00 per winter 6 month.

Based on metered usage, Park utility supplier cost + 5%.

€         80.00

€       200.00 per service/connection - €  800.00 maximum.  (Gas, Water, Electric, Waste)

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